What We Do

BREWBAKERS is a unique concept in Huntington Beach, California. We consider ourselves neither a bar nor a restaurant, but more like a craft brewery, soda and bread shop for the entire family. Our products consist of micro brewed beers, crafted sodas, different types of breads, and menu items that include our famous pizza and house pretzels.

Our guests can brew their own beers and sodas, under close supervision by experienced brewers, using any of the unique styles available in the BREWBAKERS recipe book. Products can be further personalized by creating your own personalized labels for your brew/soda.

BREWBAKERS is dedicated to provide quality ingredients in all products. BREWBAKERS offers a variety of items to satisfy most guests. The primary products sold through BREWBAKERS are:

Beer – With different varieties available for brewing and 30 different brews already on hand for immediate consumption.

Personal brewing packages are sold at the following prices:

  • Full Batch (6 cases of 22 oz. bottles):                 $255.00
  • Half Batch (3 cases of 22 oz. bottles):                $165.00
  • Brew a Case (Thursdays only):                             $69.00

Pints and 22oz bottles can be enjoyed on site with bottles and growlers served to go.

Soda – With an assortment of sodas – root beer, cream, and orange cream available.

Soda Parties – Birthdays, Team Celebrations, Scouts, Company Events, or any occasion we accommodate parties of 6 or more people who make a pretzel and bottle root beer with their custom label.

    • Root Beer Pretzel Party:                              $10.00 / Person *
    • Root Beer Pretzel Party w/ Pizza:                $14.50 / Person *

* Does not include tax or gratuity

Soda Making – Our guests can either roll out the barrel or go straight to bottling root beer with a custom made label.  The following packages include 2 cases of 22 oz. bottles and 4 custom label sheets.

    • Mix N Roll:                                                    $65.00
    • Label N Bottle ONLY:                                    $55.00

* Soda Making packages can be swapped for 36 12oz bottles with additional sheets @ $2.50 each.

Bread – With several types of bread, rolls, and pretzels baked daily and special orders available 24 hours in advance.

Challah Homestyle Pretzel
Chocolate Irish Soda Rita’s Candy Cane
Cinnamon Rolls Jalapeno Cheese Rita’s Candy Cane PRETZEL
Cookies Olive Soft French
Cranberry Walnut Onion Garlic Sunflower
Croutons Pretzel Buns Surf City French
Egg Bread

Food – In addition to our Breads, we have fresh Pizza and items put together by our own team.

  • Pizza – Handmade pizza rolled with our famous pretzel pizza dough with a variety of toppings for your personal touch.  Hands down the best item on the menu!
  • Basket of Pretzels (3) – Three warm pretzels in a basket served with our selection of mustards.
  • Bratwurst – German sausage wrapped in our famous pretzel dough.  The most popular item on the menu other than our handmade pizza.
  • Charcuterie Plate – An assortment of 3 types of salami and 3 types of cheese accompanied with pretzel chips and fig jam.
  • Cheese Plate – An assortment of 3 types of cheese accompanied with pretzel chips and fig jam.
  • Cheesy Pretzel Basket – Three warm pretzels with melted mozzarella cheese on top.
  • Garlic Cheese Bread – Our pretzel pizza dough rolled flat with plenty of garlic, mozzarella cheese, and Italian spices.
  • Ham Roll – Ham, mozzarella, and pineapple rolled in our pretzel dough.
  • Pickle Plate – selection of seasonal pickled item.
  • Pizza Pretzel – We take our Surf City French Pretzel and filet it to make a pizza for one with enough to share.  Pizza toppings are a nice personal touch.
  • Salami Roll – Salami, provolone cheese, tomato, and Italian spices rolled in our pretzel dough.

Merchandise – Our Brew On Premise is a brand that is recognized in and outside our community and something to be proud of.

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